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You just got to understand this...

June 19, 2018

With the new name (this.CODE), I found it fitting to dive into the magical this keyword in javascript.

To best demonstrate how this works, I think we should look at how .call(), apply() & .bind() work.

Consider this code:

var human = {
  name: 'Gissur Simonarson',
  life: 100,

var ogre = {
  name: 'Ogre McOgreson',
  life: 150,

function characterHit(hpTaken, additionalCritHp) {
  return this.life - hpTaken - additionalCritHp

var hitpoints = 10
var criticalHP = 5
console.log(characterHit.call(human, hitpoints, criticalHP))
console.log(characterHit.apply(ogre, [hitpoints, criticalHP]))

const personHit = characterHit.bind(human)
const ogreHit = characterHit.bind(ogre)

console.log(personHit(hitpoints, criticalHP))
console.log(ogreHit(hitpoints, criticalHP))

As you can see above, we only have this appearing once. However, depending on how we call, apply or bind the function, this will be different objects.

Gissur Simonarson

Gissur Simonarson is an Icelandic developer living in the Scottish borders. He works as Senior Solutions Architect at Brightwire.You should follow him on Twitter